Tree Tech Ltd of Port Alberni prides in being a harmless and progressive group for tree services. We constantly update our equipment, educate and train our crew members about following the safety measures when dealing with trees. Our professionals have also taken the responsibility of helping the public in learning about the basics of tree health, how to maintain their good health and understand the warning and signs of a dying or sick tree.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Our firm was established with the objective of helping the people of Port Alberni in dangerous tree assessment, stump grinding, hedges, and shrubs. Since our job requires attentive people with the talent of handling heavy and bulky machinery for tree cutting or shaping. Our team includes certified, skilled and active members for performing tree services. Staff members from our company have enough experience thus helps in determining the physical condition of your tree.

A nonprofessional cannot comprehend the condition of the tree; therefore, you can be pleased after having our experts for your tree task. One of the most important activities, why you would badly need our assistance, is for stump removal. We pick the most suitable and preferable way that is stump grinding for uprooting the remains of the tree from the ground.

Having trees in your yard provides one with the most refreshing feeling and the pleasure of breathing in pure air. You need the help of a tree specialist after you notice that your trees require assistance in its maintenance. For example, the branches of three might fall off or it is interfering with the wall of your house etc. Tree Tech Ltd is at your services from 7 am to 7 pm on all the seven days of the week.

Our Objective

  • 24*7 emergency tree services
  • Instant response
  • Reasonable price
  • Quick action
  • Remarkable results
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Extraordinary yard maintenance for beautifying the landscape

We strive hard to provide you the best results by using our experience, hard work, and dedication. Our success is noticeable because we improve with every project accomplished by our team. Experience the difference by appointing our spectrum of tree services.

Hours of operation

Monday to Sunday 7.00 am-7.00 pm
24 x 7 Emergency tree service.

Pruning trees
Dangerous Tree Removal